FDRadio Foundation

FDRadio Foundation

General Thought

Many years ago there was a dream, this dream was forever graved into my mind. In the 80’s things were very amiss. No jobs, mines where closed, a shortish of homes, etc. In the music business the same problems. Not enough space to practice, shortish of affordable instruments. Studios that are expensive and professional guidance wasn’t cheap as well. This where we start to inform you about FDRadio foundation.

There should be a way to create a system where the expensive chain could be broken up without loss of quality. With the word expensive eradicated. Places where everybody can have access to professional material. The complete path of learning. From using an instrument up to making your own demo and get it played on the radio. Leaving nothing out.

This complete music production line, for an affordable price, is the best way to role an artist in to the music business. As a starter there are all kinds of support and tools to get them going as a musician.

FDRadio Foundation On Location

Starting of with practice space. The social room where you can practice solo or in groups, just a big room where everyone comes together to fiddle around. This room is based on the ground floor and is big enough for small concerts to take place.  An opportunity for the musicians to play in front of an audience.

On the Second floor you’ll find smaller rooms, cabins if you like. The artist has it´s own practice space that is big enough to have you play an instrument. Fully equipped with an flat screen keyboard and mouse hooked up to the cloud system, which in his own way can be accessed from home. Every artist has it´s own cloud space. A connection panel for all sorts of instrument and USB connections. All is provided for, and sound proof.

Back to ground floor there a four rooms. One is the server room for the cloud and program environment. Programs like Ableton live, fruity loops, DAW´s and other music software programs. Two fully equipped studios for recording your own demos, singles and albums. The last room is used for the streaming radio station. Where artist can have there demos played and record there own podcasts for broadcast. Also there are interviews and live shows performed.

FDRadio Foundation Online

To close this small recap of our foundation, there is the website where we reach out to the world. Publishing information over our foundation and his members, not limited to, internal news. We pick show business news from all over the world. Creating list of the latest in music publication, offer a view of our weekly broadcast calendar, Photos and forum space.
We have a shop where we sell music and merchandise. From the sale we pay the costs of the production the products. Included is a 5% income for the foundation. There is no personal gain from the sales we make. Of course the artist will have a fair cut in the revenue.


Our foundation runs primarily on volunteers and is accessible for everyone who is interested in building a fair music society. There is always space in our team who wish to do so. New positions are created on a monthly bases in this ever incremental organisation. If you are interested to contribute this music society please feel free to fill in the information form on our website.

Last but least, on revenue and membership alone we cannot survive. In order to pay all the bills the foundation depends greatly on donors. From small to big contribution. Never mind what you can spear, all is welcome. Hopefully this text has helped you to do so. FDRadio foundation thanks you for reading this far. Convinced that you find it a good cause to contribute to.