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What are we about?

Every child should have the opportunity to learn something about music. Our goal is to make this a reality by helping to provide all children access to a musical education. Acquiring musical skills is not just beneficial in itself, in fact the benefits are known to improve every aspect of a child’s development and can ensure vulnerable young people remain engaged in the overall education process. So many legendary musicians can trace their beginnings to the simple act of picking up a guitar and strumming a tune, so this is where we chose to start. We want to get as many children as possible passionate about music by making their own through guitar lessons and in the future, this will be joined by Bass, Drums, Piano, Community Choirs and more! With future sponsorship, donations and fundraising we envision providing a fully-rounded musical education that gives each child the opportunity to gather at a central music academy and learn to play whatever musical instrument they wish.


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World wide connection

With similar groups sharing information and to form one front against music mafia.
We are always talking about the important things and forgetting the trivial things. Children are our future and children develop better creating music their brain, better develop than in children in the street. Not saying that everybody is a music artist. But who really wants to learn to play an instrument will have a real chance to become something. And that does not have to be music. For the most it will stay a hobby, but for those that are searching to have success in the business. We can help. You can be the person to dedicate a few hours for the cause. You can do this from your home. Updating listas or uploading the music to cloud where those who are members can listen to there own music, creating lists and there much more to do. Don´t be shy and just drop a message, during the day we are for chat online. So what is that you want know about FDRadio.

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Who are we?

Foundation Information

Why a foundation and not a radio station that delivers a bit of cash. That is not what we are about. Everything we earn by the sale of songs goes wright back in to the foundation for other projects, the same with donations. We look for spaces that we can use to create two or three studios. There Box studios, they are made for small spaces and if there is space that we call the jam sesión room. Here are a lot of instruments thanks to donars. We don’t depend only on money our hardworking volunteers are the nerve system of the FDRadio Foundation.
Teachers and technics come on there own accord. The only thing that we pay out is travel cost if there are any. Most travel con there own money, No one has any problem with it. We are a starting like a small family that want to grow. The general thinking is we are here to stay and we will spread like wildfire. That is our motto.

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One child, One instrument

Is one of our projects. The idea is that young people who come to our studio and have no instrument, we will try to offer him one. Which you can use while you are on the premises. Alternative we are trying to find a bank or finance company that will work with us to get this young one loan. So, he can buy his own instrument. This instrument will stay property of the foundation for a year. This to make sure she or he are responsible with their instrument.

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What do we offer

A centre where we provide on the top layer or 1th floor if you will. There we have cabins where somebody can practice. In all cabins are cameras to control what is going on in that cabin. All cabins will be fitted with the latest connection for use with laptop. There is a cloud active for all members so they can access it from home or school. There WiFi thru the whole building only for members. Cabins can connect to each other so they can work as a group. On the base floor, there will be fully equipped studio, where the can make demos there will be a technic there to assist. Hopefully we can get our own label later so we can make our own discs. Back to now, so a studio, the radio will be there as well. There will be to spaces left over one we use for meetings and the for the servers and storage. There is so much more plans. But first things first donation is an important part of our existents. Without them these are just words, so we ask you to look in to your heart and give little bit. Just a few euros and we can continue with this important work.