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Indi Stivín

Indi Stivín

Prodigy was born

Being born into a musical family in 2001 in Prague has its advantage. Starting off at a very young age with the piano and violin of course playing an instrument came naturally to him. When he became nine, he became interested in the double bass. The deep and soothing sound gave him some celestial calmness; he wanted to play this instrument. Very quickly he began to compose his double base compositions.

He takes private lessons from Jan Krigovsky at Senec, while studying with Dalibor Tkadicik. The Double bass player of the State Opera in Prague. Indi attended various masterclasses with people like Jan Krigovsky, Miloslav Jelinek, Thomas Martin, Catalyn Rotaru and Zsolt Fejervari. Thanks to the advice of Jan Krigovsky, to meet with Gary Karr and take a masterclass. He is now familiar with the teachings of one of the best double bass player of the past and present century.

The best of the best

In the international Double bass competition in Blatna in 2012, Indi won then again the first prize. The sequent years Indi performed in United Nations Centre in Zwitserland and the children’s orchestra in Austria. Indi made his solo debut at the age of twelve, with the Domenico Dragonetti’s Concerto for double bass. He also performed with the orchestra of Kolin Frantisek Kmoch, Czech Republic.

When told to meet Gary Karr to take one his masterclasses, Indi did not think twice this would be a great honour and opportunity for him. So he met him in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) which he knew as: “the most influential musical meeting of my life”.

Indi got the opportunity to become a soloist of the Janacek Philharmonic Ostrava, at the age of fifteen. He joined the South Czech Philharmonic and the Moravian Philharmonic. At the International Instrumental Competition in Mark Neukirchen 2017, Germany, he became the youngest prize winner in history. He made a solo debut at the Prague Spring International Music Festival with his recital.

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