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Mira Foron

Mira Foron

Born into a musical family

Our sixteen-year-old Mira was born into a musical family in Stuttgart, Germany. Having both parents as musical professionals and her older brother a phenomenal conductor and pianist. He conducted and played the piano with the Nicolo Umberto Foron. She performs with him whenever she can on the violin and piano.

Mira began at the age of five, in particular, to play the violin. When she got seven, she became active on the international stages. To begin with as a musician and soloist with orchestras in significant repertoire works including concerti of Mendelson, Sibelius, Saint-Saens, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky.

She has studied at various universities like the University of the Arts in Essen, the University of Hannover. She began her studies at the Unversity of Music in Detmold in 2015. To fine-tune her playing she took part in Masterclasses with Frank Peter Zimmermann, Zakhar Bron, and Josef Rissin.

Music that holds no bounds

Like all professional artist taking part in competitions is a must. Mira took part in several national and international competitions. Where she won various first prizes, including the IX International Competition Premio Citta di Padova and the XX International Violin Competition Postacchini, both in Italy. In France, she took place at International Competition la Flame. Then in 2014 Dusseldorf the Anton Rubinstein competition in Germany. After that, she participated in the Jugend Musiziert Bundeswettbewerb in Germany, where she was the winner with maximum votes. Winner of the Swiss Charity Award and as the receiver of the award in 2016. Mira made her debut with the Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor, at the great hall of the Tonhalle in Switzerland.

The four-time Grammy winner Anne Sophie Mutter invited Mira in 2017 to join the Mutter’s Virtuosi at her anniversary concert at the Salzburger Festspiele and the Festspielhaus Baden. Mira played, the same year, the Mozart Violin Concerto number three at the Rising Star Festival Basel. Se also performed the Violin Concerto by Jean Sibelius in Gelsenkirchen and Nordhorn.

Her love and dedication for music holds no barriers. In early 2018 Mira played in the chamber music festival at Kronberg Academy. Playing the violin concerto of Sibelius with the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra. Still to come, where she has an invitation, is playing with Marcus Bosch. The violin concerto of Tchaikovsky with Rostock Philharmonic Orchestra.

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