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Tanel-Eiko Novikov

Tanel-Eiko Novikov

Tanel-Eiko, born in 2000 in Tallinn. Developed since his early childhood interest in percussion instruments. Enrolled in Tallinn Music High school, where he studies until he graduates in 2019.
In 2015 he performed at the Baltic brass and 2016 at the Percussion Plus in Tallinn. He got to be part of the Estonian Youth Wind Ensemble. He played at collectives like the Tallinn Music High School symphonic. Following that he got to be part of the Reaalmazoor youth orchestra, The Tallinn Chamber orchestra, Uue Tanava Orkester, and many more. He followed a few courses in Russia, Italy, Belgium and Estonia.

Winning a good deal or getting special recognition, in the participation in several national and international competitions gave him the spirit he needed to continue in what he was doing. When he got the opportunity to go overseas he was overcome by joy, the U.S. At the same time he took part in the ENKOR competition and won first prize. While he was there, got to take part in the great Composers Competition. He won the Saint Petersburg Open Youth Percussion Competition in the ‘solo marimbas’ category. Entering in the special recognition award in 2017, gave him the chance to perform at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In 2018 he took part in Classical Idols, a top-rated Estonian television show, and won first prize.

Setting new trends and innovate his music, setting new goals, and work hard to bring fresh blood into percussion music, is essential to keep the audience captivated. Tanel-Eiko stands out in many ways and understands that he needs to be energetic and open te new things.

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